Laundromats & Laundry Service in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Say goodbye to time consuming chores and say hello to free time.

Our trusted, vetted drivers and cleaners help provide high quality services and give you confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely. In addition, our state of the art, eco-friendly cleaning facilities allow us to control the cleaning process and ensure you get your clothing back safe and sound.

Bedford Stuyvesant is a local Brooklyn neighborhood with over 150,000 resident tucked into this relatively small neighborhood. With so many people, the less you have to travel the better. Cleanly is always working with fellow Bedford Stuyvesant residents, laundry delivery service is our specialty.

Why ByNext?

Comprehensive Help Section

Don’t want to speak with an agent? With our comprehensive help section, you can find the answer to almost all of your questions there

Expert folding

You can rest assured your items are folded with care

Flexible Time slots

From early morning pickup/delivery times to late evening, our flexibility can’t be beat

Driver tracking

Ensure you never miss a pickup or delivery with the option to track your driver when you are next in line.

Free laundry bag

On your very first order, you are provided a branded laundry bag

Availability 7 days a week

Our operations run 7 days a week to make sure we provide the most convenience

ByNext Reviews

Denise C.
Unfortunately I think the belt from one of my skirts was left behind at the dry there a way to check if it is still there? It's my favorite skirt :'( Thanks!
Janicelynn A.
I thought my laundry was clean (so five stars) but folding was terrible. Clearly a difference btw the folding from my first order and second. And this saves me far less time if I have to refold everything.
Jimmy J.
What can I say A+ service. I would recommend this to every single one of my friends. I can see cleanly taking over New York City in the sense of getting your laundry delivered - both taken, washed and returned and folded properly in their own bags! the app is easy to use too! A+ love it! we'll be using it again and again and again!
Connor C.
Just worked out in a white shirt I got back from you guys. It stained my arms blue. Not sure if the other shirts were effected but wanted to bring this to your attention.
Brianna D.
Everything was awesome! My only comment is that I was told my laundry bag weight was less than what I was eventually charged for. Totally not a big deal as it didn't hit the $20 threshold either way, but just a heads up!
Raymond A.
Veronique (sp.?) was great on the phone. My call was late last night and she was very helpful. She even called me this morning to verify that my delivery was going to be on time. Also, thanks for my new laundry bag!! Your service is a god-sent!

Laundromats near Bedford-Stuyvesant:

See what the competition is offering. We guarantee ByNext will change your life. Join tens of thousands of happy customers in Brooklyn. Let us become your favorite new laundry service.

  • $2.01 Wash & Fold Per Pound Clean Cube
    630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

    2 Reviews
    Yelp Reviewer Photo

    I have no idea how a business like this expects to survive when it can't keep commitments with new customers. The representative I emailed promised to...

  • $2.13 Wash & Fold Per Pound Happy Nostrand Laundromat
    404 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

    5 Reviews
    Yelp Reviewer Photo

    I started visiting this laundromat two years ago because it seemed like the best option near my apartment. Over the last few months, I've had to visit other...

  • $2.60 Wash & Fold Per Pound Stuy-Wash-N-Dry
    213 Stuyvesant St, Brooklyn, NY 11221

    8 Reviews
    Yelp Reviewer Photo

    I used to drop off my clothes here all the time but recently the quality has declined tremendously. First, it started with getting other people's...

  • $2.36 Wash & Fold Per Pound Rodriguez Dry Cleaners
    19 Patchen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

    10 Reviews
    Yelp Reviewer Photo

    I brought in a suit with mold on it. Yuck, right? They cleaned it right, they had it ready when I needed it, and they got the mold off. Just what I needed!

  • $2.17 Wash & Fold Per Pound 291 Dry Cleaners
    291 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233

    6 Reviews
    Yelp Reviewer Photo

    High priced cleaners for the service you receive. I have brought many items here over the course of 1.5 years and consistently I'm having to follow up about...

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