Laundry Service in 92612, Los Angeles. Clothing care at your fingertips, with the tap of a button.

ByNext was created with the goal of helping busy professionals get clothing care and home cleaning services with the tap of a button. This starts with our technology that not only helps us run our operations internally, but the consumer app that provides our customers with a seamless experience from start to finish.

ByNext is the most convenient laundry pick up & delivery service in 92612! Tired of lugging your dirty laundry a few blocks away? If you're looking for a reliable laundry service, we're here to help. ByNext is trusted by tens of thousands of customers in 92612. Same day service available in 92612. See what 92612 residents are raving about!

Why ByNext?

Manage everything online

Order creation, customer service, payment and more all just a tap away

Free laundry bag

On your very first order, you are provided a branded laundry bag

Driver tracking

Ensure you never miss a pickup or delivery with the option to track your driver when you are next in line.

Secure Payment & Tipping

Add payment methods and tipping amounts securely through the app. No need to worry about cash again!

Referral Credits

Get credits for referring friends while giving them a discount too!

Expert folding

You can rest assured your items are folded with care

ByNext Reviews

Sunwoo O.
This round was perfect! It would be awesome if this location could be used more often for me! I'm very happy with how it smells and how everything is nicely dried. Nothing was even slightly damaged! Delivery and pick up were on the earlier side which was awesome too!
Renee G.
Everything was super great!! The clothes smell amazing, they were folded perfectly, and the service was prompt and on time! I loved it. My only problem was that I received a mans pair of underwear. I do not have a boyfriend/husband and I do not live with a man so they definitely did not come with my laundry that I sent in. Slightly concerns me that my laundry items went missing. I hope they didn't!
Katherina S.
I LOVE your whole team! I recommend Cleanly whenever the topic comes up. Customer support is such a dream and the Valets are always prompt and lovely. I used the dry cleaning for the first time a few weeks ago, and it did leave me wanting (some clothes still smelled worn, though they were pressed and presented very nicely). If you offered the more environmentally friendly/all around cleaner option of "professional wet clean" I think you might be without competition. The only other thing is a drop down menu option to select how many bags the driver should expect. Love you Cleanly!
Sarah H.
Wow very impressed. I accidentally left 15 dollars and some loose change and whomever did my laundry put it in a bag for me!! Very considerate and honest.
Natalia O.
Fantastic service! Valet on time, all texts sent. Dark and color hang dry clothes returned appropriately separated to avoid dye bleeding. Nice smell! Thank you very much!
Arie G.
Needed to do our laundry while traveling to new York. Stumbled upon your service and tried it. Everything returned clean, folded, tidy and with a great scent and for a very reasonable price ! Next week in Florida. I really hope you work there...

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See what the competition is offering. We guarantee ByNext will change your life. Join tens of thousands of happy customers in Los Angeles. Let us become your favorite new laundry service.

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