Laundry Service in 92868, Los Angeles. Clothing care at your fingertips, with the tap of a button.

Our trusted, vetted drivers and cleaners help provide high quality services and give you confidence that the job will be done correctly and safely. In addition, our state of the art, eco-friendly cleaning facilities allow us to control the cleaning process and ensure you get your clothing back safe and sound.

ByNext is the most convenient laundry pick up & delivery service in 92868! Tired of lugging your dirty laundry a few blocks away? If you're looking for a reliable laundry service, we're here to help. ByNext is trusted by tens of thousands of customers in 92868. Same day service available in 92868. See what 92868 residents are raving about!

Why ByNext?

Expert folding

You can rest assured your items are folded with care

Secure Payment & Tipping

Add payment methods and tipping amounts securely through the app. No need to worry about cash again!

Rewards Program

Rewards milestones hit just by placing orders!

Fast Turnaround

24-48 hour turnaround time offered based on services selected

15+ locations throughout NYC and Brooklyn

Allows you to drop off and pickup your laundry at your convenience

Timely notifications and reminders

ByNext makes sure to message you reminders to ensure the pickup and delivery process is as smooth as possible

ByNext Reviews

Renee G.
Everything was super great!! The clothes smell amazing, they were folded perfectly, and the service was prompt and on time! I loved it. My only problem was that I received a mans pair of underwear. I do not have a boyfriend/husband and I do not live with a man so they definitely did not come with my laundry that I sent in. Slightly concerns me that my laundry items went missing. I hope they didn't!
Sarah H.
Wow very impressed. I accidentally left 15 dollars and some loose change and whomever did my laundry put it in a bag for me!! Very considerate and honest.
Kristyn R.
Was very quick and efficient. Everything came back nicely washed and pressed. Really loved the packaging and attention to detail. Thank you for a great first order!
Lindsey R.
I just want to say how amazing my first order experience was with you guys. I'm absolutely blown away! First, the delivery person who picked up my clothes was so helpful and super patient- even when I wasn't prepared (thought I scheduled a different day) when he arrived. Then I had to call customer service when I realized I accidentally sent a dress that wasn't supposed to be washed! Your rep was so helpful was confident that you'd be able to set the dress aside and returned to me. She was right! The dress was returned (separated from the clean clothes). I've never been so happy to receive dirty laundry. Thank you again for a great laundry service experience. I've used a competitor of yours before this and your service blows them out of the water! Looking forward to being a loyal customer if you guys.
Natalia O.
Fantastic service! Valet on time, all texts sent. Dark and color hang dry clothes returned appropriately separated to avoid dye bleeding. Nice smell! Thank you very much!
Louisa R.
I am so impressed with this service - the people who picked up and dropped off my clothes were incredible! Felt like a friendly concierge service. Clothes folded perfectly and dry cleaning was first rate. I would use it more if the prices were cheaper.

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See what the competition is offering. We guarantee ByNext will change your life. Join tens of thousands of happy customers in Los Angeles. Let us become your favorite new laundry service.

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