Where to Find the Best Home Cleaning Service in New York? 24Hr Quick Services

Mar 28, 2024

Where To Find The Best Home Cleaning Services in New York? 24hr Quick Service

Coming home after a long and tiring day demands a moment of peace and relaxation and that obviously comes from having a clean and organized home. You must be looking for the best home cleaning service in New York. As life in New York is full of go and hectic, in such circumstances finding a time for your home cleaning is challenging and you just can’t manage it on your own. 

Time to rest your feet! ByNext is here to facilitate you with their high quality services and making a life stress-free. Our home cleaning services includes; full dusting and wipe down, vacuuming and mopping of floors, making beds, complete sanitization and much more in the bucket. 

However, you must have some knowledge about the home cleaning service in New York which you can get by reading the points below:

What’s Included in Home Cleaning service in New York?

When it comes to the home cleaning service in New York, it must be dynamic and diverse like its population, and you might get puzzled figuring them out. You need a professional home cleaning service near me.

The answer is, ByNext. They are providing the best home cleaning services near me in New York since 2014. It’s our job to make your home sparkle and organize. And to that end, each job is given personalized attention. Let’s discuss the home cleaning services we are providing for the people in New York!

Best Home Cleaning Service in New York  


Home cleaning services should involve all rooms and areas of a home. The professional cleaners of ByNext make sure to cover all rooms including hidden and inner surfaces. 

  • Cowbell removal

  • Dust and wipe baseboards.

  • Dust and wipe window blinds

  • Dust and wipe window ledges

  • Dust and wipe furniture

  • Dust and wipe doors

  • Polish wood furniture

  • Clean glass countertops / tables

  • Empty all trash cans

  • Vacuum accessible segments of the floor

  • Vacuum all segments/ rags / stairs

  • Spot treat wall stains



Bedrooms are the most private area of a home, it’s where one keeps most of their belongings. Our professional cleaners are trained for taking care of their privacy and work under their guidelines.

  • Make beds and change linens

  • Vacuum under bed

  • Clean the dresser top and, place items to the original position

  • Vacuum closet shelves and drawers.



A family room or living room is that area of a house where you spend most of your time chilling and relaxing. This needs extra attention and cleanliness from an expert which you can easily get by searching for the best “home cleaning service in New York near me.” 

  • Vacuum furniture surface and under cushions

  • Fluff couch cushions and pillows 

  • Dust shelves and drawers.


A clean and hygienic kitchen area ensures your healthy lifestyle. Your kitchen deserves special attention as it is used for cooking and baking purposes. 
















When it comes to clean bathrooms, nobody likes it and they end up having unhygienic and dirty bathrooms. ByNext can do it for you;

  • Clean countertops

  • Scrub sinks

  • Shine stainless steel fixtures surface

  • Scrub toilets

  • Wipe exterior cabinets

  • Clean mirrors

  • Mop bathroom floors

  • Scrub shower grout

  • Scrub stains from bathtub

  • Cleaning interior bathroom cabinets

Types of Home Cleaning

There are generally 3 main types of best home cleaning services near me, and people usually prefer regular home cleaning methods like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors. But that’s not everything, your home deserves deep cleaning or even move-in or move-out cleaning as well. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular home cleaning services are the basic and standard job done by our professionals. It involves; dusting the furniture, wiping doors, windows, and surfaces, mopping floors and vacuuming carpets, removing cobwebs, cleaning mirrors, and wiping down the countertops.

Deep Cleaning

Nyc deep cleaning service should be done once a month or even after every couple of months, it usually goes beyond the regular cleaning and ensures the healthy lifestyle of a family living in that particular house. It includes; cleaning and degreasing of kitchen appliances, scrubbing and sanitizing the bathroom countertops, vacuuming carpets and furniture, cleaning ceiling fans and ducts etc. 

Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning

Our team of professional cleaners also looks after this (Move-in and move-out cleaning) section. ByNext provides detailed cleaning of a home especially when you are moving in or out. It involves; floor cleaning, closet, and cabinet cleaning, appliance cleaning, and treating wall stains as well as garage and outdoor areas. 

What Is The Difference Between a Regular Home Cleaning Service and a Home Deep Cleaning Service?

Regular home cleaning service and deep cleaning home services both have a mutual objective; to ensure a healthy lifestyle by cleanliness and safeguard the family members from infectious diseases.  But some areas differentiate them like frequency, targeted areas, scope of work, and cost. 

Regular Home Cleaning

  • The frequency for regular home cleaning should be daily, weekly or monthly to ensure the healthy environment and maintain the cleanliness of a home in an organized way.
  • The targeted areas should be the one where you or your family spends most of their time. Like living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.
  • Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning surfaces.
  •  Affordable home cleaning service in New York as it requires less labor and is performed more frequently.

Deep Home Cleaning

  • While, deep home cleaning services should be less frequent. Covers all the areas that are not usually checked or cleaned daily.
  • Usually involves the areas that are not easily reachable, like behind the furniture, interior of appliances and closets, etc.
  • Interior parts of appliances and cabinets, and other areas that are not easily accessible.
  • Usually higher in price as compared to regular home cleaning as it requires detailed cleanliness.

Why ByNext Is The Best Home Cleaning Service in New York?

The next thing you must be curious to know about why to choose ByNext in New York for home cleaning services over other cleaning companies, the employees of ByNext receive detailed training regarding best practices for home cleaning in New York to ensure the customer’s satisfaction by meeting their demands and desires. It is our first priority to make your home sparkle and concerning that each task is given customized detailing. 

What Are The Benefits of Professional House Cleaning Services?



We get it that you are busy and work loaded but hiring a professional house cleaning team by ByNext would allow you to chill and relax. It saves your time and energy by just letting them do this for you. In the meantime, you can do your pending tasks and make the most out of your time just by hiring the top-notch home cleaning service in New York. 

A Thoroughly Cleaned Home

Another effective benefit is that professional house cleaners know the technicality. They are trained and equipped to clean homes thoroughly and cover all the hidden and interior parts of the home. 

Healthy Home Environment

ByNext is using environmentally friendly products and they make sure to avoid toxic chemicals that may cause allergies and complications to the family or even pets. Healthy home environment is our ultimate goal. 

Best Home cleaning services near me  

What Is The Pricing of ByNext Services?

The pricing range of ByNext services in New York is quite reasonable as compared to other home cleaning prices nyc companies. We offer 25% discounts for our new customers and some cool deals that you might be looking for. Visit our website for home cleaning cost nyc.

How Do I pay for my order at ByNext?

The complete order process at ByNext is quite simple. Once you reach the final step you can select the payment mode that suits you the most. Here are the methods you can use to complete the payment of the home cleaning service in New York: 

  • American Express 

  • Master card

  • Swipe credit/ visa cards

  • EMV chip cards 

  • Apple Pay

How To Download The ByNext App?

At ByNext, we offer a free mobile app which is available for both apple and android phones. 

Step 1: If you have an iPhone or an Android phone you can download the app from the following links accordingly:


Step 2: New users, click Join Now and if you already have an account click to sign.

Step 3: Upon signing in you will be moved toward the dashboard where you can select the service you want like a home cleaning service in New York.

Step 4: Once you select your the best home cleaning service in New York, add your current location and click done.


Step 5: Add the name of your space / area and select the type of your location for the home cleaning service in New York near me.


Step 6: Mention the below required details and click done.

Step 7: Add your desired services to the cart and click to next.


Step 8: Select pickup day and time based on your availability.


Step 9: Add drop off day and time based on your availability.


Step 10: Enter your card details, make payment and you are all set!



Where is the Cheapest home cleaning service in New York?

Finding a cheap home cleaning service in New York depends upon various factors and your convenience such as services, location, and time. But, ByNext is the cheapest home cleaning near me. 

How much does it cost to clean a one-bedroom apartment in NYC?

The approximate standard cost to clean a bedroom NYC apartment cleaning service in New York is between $30 to $50. 

How much do you tip a house cleaner in NYC?

It should be around 10-15%. Like if you are paying $100 then your tip should be $10-15. 

Wrap Up!

We hope now you must be aware of home cleaning service in New York and the facilities and areas it includes. Besides all these, there are some effective benefits of home cleaning as well that ensure the healthy home environment, time and energy saving plus thorough cleaning. 

It also enables us to get rid of indoor allergens. You will feel more relaxed and it will give you positive energy all around. So don’t wait, search for a cheap home cleaning service near me, give us a try, and discover the excellence of the company. Just search for the best “home cleaning service in New York near me” and ByNext would be on top.