Laundered Shirts

Button down shirts that look perfectly pressed, every single time.

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Entrust your dress shirts to the professionals

With over 120 years of combined cleaning expertise, our team understands the relationship you have with your shirts and the meticulous attention required to care for them.

Our stain removal procedures and pressing techniques - hand-press or machine-pressed - will have your shirts looking, feeling and smelling great for years to come.

  • Collar stays are removed prior to cleaning to avoid fraying and leaving impressions on the shirt when pressed.
  • Buttons are always checked prior to pressing and never return damaged or chipped - they will be reinforced or replaced accordingly.
  • Pockets are checked and all debris is removed.
  • Collars, cuffs, and underarms are spot-treated and scrubbed before laundering. Water and oil-based stains are also pre-treated.
  • Tighten loose threads.
  • We do not use bleach and starch in our cleaning facilities.
  • Hand-pressed is often recommended on luxury and custom fitted shirts to avoid wear and tear, wrinkled underarms and seams, and small pinches and creases on the sleeves and back area.
  • Based on preference, your shirt can be folded and boxed or hung and covered.