Wash and Fold

Our Wash & Fold service includes separating of whites and colors and premium eco-friendly detergents. For those items that just need to be air dried after a wash cycle, we offer Hang Dry options.

wash & fold service illustration

Your time is limited - let us help you.

It goes without saying that amongst the chores that we hate the most includes - doing laundry, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom, washing dishes, dusting your apartment, taking out the garbage and so on and so on.

We think you get the gist here. There’s a common theme. People don’t want to spend their valuable time cleaning.

That’s where ByNext comes in. We can do it for you. Our Stars can help with your garment and home cleaning and care needs.

In letting us handle your laundry and home chores, you’re giving yourself equivalent to a full day a month to do the things that matter to you most.

Our pickup and delivery, Wash and Fold service is so easy to use:

  • Book your service online (or download ‘ByNext’ in app store) and simply select a pickup window that works with your schedule.
  • Place your items to cleaned in a bag. This includes your undergarments, socks, t-shirts, pants, gym shorts, sheets and more (items that don’t need to be dry cleaned or pressed). Pricing is by the pound.
  • We will deliver your clothes washed and neatly folded within 24 hours.

You also have the option to bring your laundry to one of our 20 retail locations and it will be ready for pickup after 6pm on the next business day.

Your garments are washed and dried separately from other customers’ orders - neatly organized, folded and packaged for delivery.

Have special preferences? No sweat — we offer special non-allergenic soap. Let us know and we'll take care of it for you.

Specialty items are handled carefully, washing them in knit bags so nothing is caught or snagged during the cleaning process.

It’s that easy. Convenience, quality and attention to detail is the name of the game. Never worry about laundry day again!