Best Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

Apr 05, 2024

Best Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

Washing your clothes with one of the best detergents is necessary but there’s one concern which is finding the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin. The reason is that people who have a history of skin disease have a negative reaction when wearing clothes after washing them which can only be dealt with by opting for a laundry detergent free from harsh chemicals.

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But certain conditions need to be fulfilled before you choose a non-toxic laundry detergent which is to understand its nature, so let’s get started:

Understanding Sensitive Skin and Detergents

The first thing you must do to get the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is to understand the relation between your sensitive skin and detergent as it’ll play an important role when you wash your clothes. So, without any further delays, let’s have a look at some important points:

Unwanted Chemicals in Detergent

As everyone knows a suitable detergent for clothes contains many chemicals for a perfect wash. However, when it comes to getting the best detergent for sensitive skin, you must choose a detergent free from all the harsh chemicals to keep your skin safe.

Moreover, the detergent smells are also a factor to consider because if your nose is sensitive to the hard scent of laundry detergent, then dealing with two problems simultaneously would be hard for you.

Dyes and Fragrances

Most people might not aware of this fact, but the more dyes and fragrances your laundry detergent has, the higher are the chances of getting a skin infection. However, if you opt for a regular detergent, it won’t offer the result you’re expecting, but the effect of dyes and fragrance would be at a minimum level.

So, opting for a fragrance-free detergent is mandatory because if you have sensitive skin or have a negative reaction to smelling sharp fragrances, then choosing a light detergent would be best for you.

Suitable pH Level

Another crucial thing you must look at while getting the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is the pH level it contains. If you’re thinking why? Well, the reason is simple its compatibility with your skin should be perfect. If it’s more than required, then your skin can get some serious diseases.

Good laundry detergents with an ideal pH scale will only have their effect on the clothes which is to get rid of the stubborn stains. It won’t affect the barrier used to keep your sensitive skin safe from any type of allergens.

Rinsing your Clothes More than Needed

There’s another trick you can use while keeping your skin and nose safe from detergent smells and its effect on your body which is to rinse your clothes more than required.

That’s because sometimes the residue of detergent remains on your clothes after the first round of rinsing. When people wear it, their bodies start itching. So, either you opt for the best liquid laundry detergents or rinse your clothes more than one time to get rid of all the remaining residues.

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What Issues Do People With Sensitive Skin Have With Detergents?

Even after understanding all the aspects of laundry detergent and sensitive skin, there are still some issues people face and end up getting the wrong laundry detergent. So, let’s have a look at that:

Unwanted Irritation

People with sensitive skin are more cautious about the detergent they’re purchasing because the first issue they face is unwanted irritation on the skin. 

The reason behind this is the chemicals the detergent contains because it not only takes care of stains but if your skin is not prone to detergents, then you’ll get irritation throughout the time until you change your clothes. So, choosing the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is necessary.

Risk of Allergies

Another issue people face that makes them choose the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is the risk of getting harmful allergic reactions. Furthermore, if you do not take care of it within the required time, then you can sustain skin diseases like dermatitis or eczema which is certainly not good for anyone. 

But don’t worry, the solution is simple. When you go to the supermarket or order a laundry detergent online, you just need to read the label. If it says that the detergent is not allergic, then you can easily buy it.

Dry Skin

You should’ve noticed that your skin is getting dry more often than usual no matter how much you dry to keep it safe. Well, there could be many reasons, but the one which you can deal with easily is to change your laundry detergent.

If you want to know the reason, well that’s because some detergents contain strong chemicals that can absorb all the moisture of your skin and lead to unwanted dryness. So, to avoid that, you can opt for the best detergent for sensitive skin with a minimum level of chemicals.

Higher Fragrance 

Besides the skin, there’s one more issue people have with laundry detergents which is the fragrance because people who cannot withstand the strong scent will surely have a problem. 

For that, you can invest in those laundry detergents that have a light smell. So, whenever you wash your clothes, you won’t be irritated by the scent of detergent. If needed, you can change your washing technique by getting the best detergent for hand washing. 

What Causes Sensitive Skin to React to Detergents?

There are many other aspects besides the detergent smells that you must keep in mind which can cause sensitive skin to react with the laundry detergents negatively, so let’s see what they are:

Residue Left Behind

You must’ve heard that rinsing the clothes thoroughly is necessary to get rid of the residues on your clothes because it can turn out to be a problem for people with sensitive skin. If the process of rinsing your clothes is taken lightly, then it can damage your clothes as well.

So, you must be certain that all the residue buildup is dealt with when you’re about to wear your outfit, especially if you have a medical history related to skin. A sudden irritation and unwanted marks on the skin are the last thing people want.

Use of Fabric Softeners

Using fabric softeners is also the cause of your skin reacting to the detergent and you end up having a severe skin infection. Well, you can only use the fabric softeners to an extent, overusing them will ruin your situation. If you want to know the reason, then you must read the label first. It contains hypoallergenic materials which is the cause of such a reaction.

Colored Detergents

There’s one more reason for your skin reacting to the detergent and that’s the color. That's because the colored detergents contain certain dyes as compared to the non-colored ones which turn out to be the reason your skin starts to be itchy and causes you irritation until you change your clothes.

Common Symptoms of Laundry Detergent Allergies

If you want to be one step ahead every time to keep your skin safe from getting any dangerous skin infection, then below are some common symptoms you can keep your eye on: 

  • The first common symptom you’ll notice is the unwanted irritation on your skin which can only be dealt with the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

  • When your eyes are getting watery and sneezing is more than usual, then it’s a symptom that you must change your laundry detergent.

  • If you notice that your forearm is getting some swelling, then immediately change your detergent as it’s one of the symptoms your skin is reacting to the detergent.

  • Dry skin is also another symptom that the laundry detergent you’re using is no more beneficial.

  • A rare symptom of changing your laundry detergent is when you start coughing. 

  • That’s because of the scent it contains. The higher the scent is, you’ll get unnecessary coughing. 

Selecting the Right Detergent for Sensitive Skin

There are some crucial things you must check first to get the right detergent for sensitive skin which you can read them below:

Detergents with Hypoallergenic Formulas

A suitable way to get the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is the one with a hypoallergenic formula. It reduces the effect of skin irritation and allergens to the maximum level.

Without Fragrance

People with a sensitive sense of smell should look for a detergent that has minimum fragrance or no fragrance at all. So when you wear your clothes after washing them, your nose won’t get any effect from the smell of detergent.

The One Without Harsh Chemicals

Another way to get a non-toxic laundry detergent is the one that contains no harsh chemicals and dyes. For instance, a detergent that contains phosphates or sulfates is contagious to those with sensitive skin. So, it’s better to avoid having those detergents.

Opt for a Liquid Detergent

When you look at the comparison, liquid laundry detergents are way more effective and safe for people who have sensitive skin. That’s because they dissolve quicker than the powdered ones and the number of chemicals in them is lower than the powdered detergents.

What to Look for in Sensitive Skin Detergents?

If you want to get a perfect laundry detergent for sensitive skin, then here are some tips you must look into:

  • The first thing you must look into is the best eco-friendly detergents which should not contain any harsh chemicals.

  • An ideal laundry detergent should not contain any hard fragrance, especially for those with a sensitive sense of smell.

  • The pH level of the laundry detergent should be balanced. Not too high or not too low.

  • Testing a laundry detergent on small particles is necessary to see its effect.

  • Good reviews and ratings of customers are also other important things to look into.

The Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin

The best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is the eco-friendly one, which contains no harsh chemicals and has no dyes at all. Moreover, less fragrance of laundry detergent is necessary. If you want to know some top brands, then Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid and Gain Sensitive Skin Free & Gentle are some of the best detergents in town.

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Laundry Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

After a detailed discussion above, you can add some of the following tips into the mix as well when getting laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

  • Always prefer a liquid detergent instead of a powdered detergent to protect your skin from unwanted diseases.

  • Rinse your clothes two to three times to get rid of the residues left after the wash.

  • Never use fabric softeners on your clothes after washing them as it’ll cause skin irritation.

  • Dry your clothes in the bright sunlight as much as possible instead of using a dryer.

  • When washing your clothes, make sure to avoid overloading the washing machine as it’ll worsen the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laundry Detergent for Sensitive Skin

What is the best sensitive skin laundry detergent?

The best sensitive skin laundry detergent has more than one benefit which depends on how you’ll use it if you have sensitive skin. For instance, popular detergents like All Free Clear and Tide Free and Gentle have the least amount of chemicals and less fragrance to keep you safe.

What is the safest laundry detergent for sensitive skin?

The safest laundry detergent is the one with hypoallergenic materials, free from fragrance, and no harsh chemicals at all. If you want some suggestions, then a brand like ECOS is the perfect option. 

Which laundry detergent is least toxic?

The detergents that contain no chemicals and are environmentally friendly are the least toxic ones. 

Is powder or liquid detergent better for sensitive skin?

When it comes to sensitive skin, then liquid detergents are more suitable because they can dissolve quickly in water and have no harsh chemicals at all.

Do detergent pods work better than liquid or powder detergent?

Detergent pods are perfect for quick washing in emergencies. However, for detailed washing, you must use either a powdered or liquid laundry detergent.

How do you know if your detergent is irritating your skin?

If your skin is getting unnecessary redness, rashes, or itching, then it means that these are the symptoms your laundry detergent needs to be replaced by another one.

What ingredient in detergent irritates the skin?

Sulfates, dyes, and fragrances are some of the materials in a laundry detergent that irritates your skin the most.

What detergent should I use if I am allergic?

If you have a skin allergy and cannot use every detergent without precautions, then laundry detergents like All Free Clear and Seventh Generation are perfect.

Is Persil detergent any good for sensitive skin?

Persil laundry detergents can be suitable for many people with sensitive skin because of the ingredients it contains. It’ll keep your skin safe from all types of diseases.

What are some other good laundry detergents for sensitive skin?

Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear, Gain Sensitive Skin Free & Gentle, and Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid are some of the finest laundry detergents for sensitive skin.


Laundry detergents are considered one of the most effective solutions when it comes to dealing with strong stains. However, the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin is necessary if you have a medical history of skin irritation.

Don’t worry, because if you have some confusion, then you can read all the tips and instructions mentioned above to make sure you not only choose the right detergent for your sensitive skin but you’ll get the exact result you want which is to get rid of all the stains.