How To Wash Jeans - Ultimate Guide To Washing Jeans

May 17, 2024

How To Wash Jeans - Ultimate Guide To Washing Jeans

Jeans are always an elegant choice as they play a crucial role in creating the perfect outfit. The right fit can make or break the entire outfit, but it's equally important to be aware of how to wash jeans properly to keep them looking good over time.

Picture this: your favorite pair of jeans, washed and revived by ByNext experts who understand denim's unique attributes and the importance of preserving its quality over time. 

Whether it's a pair of vintage jeans or a new classy addition to your armoire, we know how to wash jeans professionally and with care. 

How To Wash Jeans - Preparing Your Jeans for Washing

Jeans come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You should always consider the care label before putting them in a washer, and a few steps apply to all types of denim. 

Essential Pre-Wash Tips For Denim Care- 4 steps

Before proceeding to the steps to wash raw denim jeans, it is essential to check the care label of your denim. It shows the manufacturer’s guidelines on washing, such as how to wash jeans and what preventive measures you should follow. 

Pre-wash them to remove the starch, as it will cause holes and reduce the durability of your jeans. Now you must be thinking, can I wash jeans with other clothes? The answer is simple: Wash your jeans separately with different clothes, especially if they're the first few washes.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Machine Washing

Let’s discover the four easy steps regarding how to wash jeans in a washing machine:

Spot the Stains

To remove the stains, first dilute the detergent with water and blot it into the stain. White vinegar or baking soda can also be added to a mixture. Rub the mixture gently and scrub it using a soft brush. In this way, you can get rid of stubborn stains like blood, grass, milk, makeup, and more. 

Turn Your Jeans Inside Out

Before putting your jeans in the washing machine, make sure to turn them inside out. This will protect the denim’s fibers. Also, close up all the zippers and empty pockets before placing them in the washer. It’s a perfect solution for how to wash jeans.

Wash on a Delicate Cycle

Always set your washing machine on a delicate cycle and with cold water. It is preferable to wash your jeans separately to avoid shrinking or bleeding. Detergents with harsh chemicals and fabric softeners also break down the denim over time. 

Air Drying

Hang your jeans in a well-ventilated area where they air dry naturally. This will help them last longer, keep their natural shape, and avoid shrinkage. And that's how to wash and dry jeans.  

The Gentle Approach: Hand-Washing Your Denim

Who doesn’t like to care for their denim and extend its lifespan? The heat on the drying machine affects the integrity of the denim and shortens its lifespan. Hence, hand-washing is a better option as it prevents damage and also helps to remove stains and odors. 

Here’s how to wash jeans by hand:

  • Turn your jeans inside out to expose the side of the jeans that touches your skin.

  • Fill a clean tub with cold water and add 1 to 2 cups of laundry detergent to submerge your jeans.

  • Submerge your jeans in cold, soapy water and twist them in rotation.

  • Let the jeans soak in the soapy water for about 15 to 30 minutes in 

  • Remove the jeans and drain the dirty water. Refill the clean water and again soak it in it.

  • Rinse it well in plain water to remove all the dirt and residues of detergent.

  • Once it's soap-free, squeeze it well by rolling or folding jeans to remove excess water. 

  • Let it air dry naturally by hanging them in an area with good airflow and you are good to go.

Determining The Perfect Washing Frequency

You must be wondering how often to wash jeans, right? Well, it is recommended that jeans be washed after every 3-4 wears. You can even wait for five wears. They need to be cleaned to remove stains and odors for how to wash jeans. 

Avoid overwashing jeans, as it will seriously affect their longevity and cause them to fade. However, if your jeans look dirty or have stains, then you must wash them. That's a standard frequency of washing jeans.  

ByNext's Commitment to Your Denim

ByNext, one of the largest dry cleaners in New York, is the only certified licensed environmentally friendly dry cleaner using Green Earth Solvent. It focuses on customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability through eco-friendly practices and products. We reduce the environmental footprint while ensuring the safety and longevity of your garments. Our aim is not just to meet the customer's expectations but to exceed them. 


What is the proper way to wash jeans?

Jeans may seem like tough fabric, but properly washing them requires a delicate or gentle cycle. Use cold water to prevent shrinking or fading, and opt for a mild detergent. If you have a darker shade of jeans, like dark blue or black, then you must use mild detergents. And that is how to wash denim more simply. 

How often should I wash jeans?

One of the golden rules of how often to wash jeans is to wash them after every 3-6 wears. In case you have manual work and it starts to smell, then you must clean it after every three years. But if you are working at a desk then you can go through multiple wears without washing. 

How long do jeans take to air dry?

It depends on the temperature and spin cycle, but on average, if a normal indoor temperature is 70 degrees, jeans usually take 6-8 hours to dry. In cold or extreme weather, it would take all day to be completely dry. 

Why do my jeans feel weird after air drying?

Dry clothes can feel weird after air drying for many reasons. One of the main reasons is not being properly washed during the laundry load and using excessive detergent, which can leave residue on the fabric. 

Wrap Up!

When it comes to washing jeans, there are some practices you can incorporate into your laundry routine to extend their lifespan. These practices include checking care labels and instructions before washing, using mild detergents and washing in cold water, avoiding fabric softener and bleach, and air drying your jeans in a well-ventilated area.  

By following these tips, your jeans will come out fresh and last longer. The other option is hiring the professional team of ByNext. We provide VIP treatment for how to wash jeans and denim and slay in your looks!