Back To The Office Checklist

Jun 09, 2021

Back To The Office Checklist

After over a year of working remotely, we have finally reached the point where employers are preparing a return to the office. Thanks to vaccines, businesses are reopening their doors and welcoming back their staff and customers alike. The long-awaited reuniting of communities across the country is comforting for us all, as our sense of normalcy was abandoned due to a global pandemic.

With this news comes a mix of emotions for employees everywhere: excitement, fear, eagerness, anxiety. This could very well be a major change to your daily routine. The best way to tackle any doubts that you might have is to prepare a “back to the office checklist.”

If you are feeling anxious about the prospect of returning to the office, a few things you may include in your checklist are child care, transportation, and meals, just to name a few. All of those things we have taken for granted over the past fifteen months. While compiling your list, don’t forget to include the most important consideration…“What are you going to wear?”

That’s right, it’s time to check the closet for something other than pajamas and sweatpants. Pull out your button-downs, blouses, khakis, and yes, even those stylish suits. This is your chance to dress to impress. Be sure to plan ahead and expect there to be some dust on those clothes you haven’t worn in months—they need to be freshened up.

Don’t add to your anxiety by trying to care for them yourself. Brush them off and have them cleaned by the best! Trust the professionals with your favorite work outfits. Find your local ByNext servicing hub or download the ByNext app and schedule your pickup to give them the look and feel of a new wardrobe. 

ByNext is the leading technology based, home services company providing high quality and exclusively eco-friendly clothing care, premise care as well as other complementary services resulting in exceptional customer experience for individuals and businesses in the New York Metro Area, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles markets. 

You can count on us to care for your fabrics and premise in a way that’s safe for you, your clothes, and the planet — having you headed back to the office looking and feeling your best!