How To Remove Grass Stains From Clothes - 10 Easy Tips

Mar 26, 2024

How To Remove Grass Stains From Clothes - 10 Easy Tips

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or a parent of active kids? Then it's more likely that you would be dealing with the grass stains and must be figuring out how to remove grass stains from your clothes, especially if it's on your favorite jeans or a dress. But that does not mean we should stop spending quality time outdoors on plains or lawns; we can still have fun approaching the right techniques and methods to deal with these greasy mishaps.

Well, we have crafted some fantastic suggestions in the form of 10 easy tips for you to fight against these stubborn grass stains. That includes quick action treatment, some effective and easy ingredients to remove grass stains and grass stain removal home remedy. Let's explore this stain-busting journey together and have an understanding of these grass stain removers. 

Method 1: Quick Action Pre-Treatment

Taking quick action or pre-treatment to remove grass stains is always an effective way to approach it. Make sure to act as quickly as the grass stain occurs; that's the time when the grass pigments are not bonded with the fabric fibers. 

Step-By-Step Process to Remove Grass Stains

  • Pick any enzyme detergent for pre-treat as they are formulated to break down the stains like grass stains. 

  • You can even use white vinegar as an alternative to enzyme detergent with water and let it soak for a while to remove grass stains out of pants.

  • Both the ingredients are safe for your clothes but it is recommended to test them on a discrete part of the fabric before actually applying it.

  • After treating them, rinse them with cold water or run through a washing cycle for how to remove grass stains. Don't allow them to heat as it can set the stains.

Method 2: Vinegar Solution

When it comes to how to remove grass stains, it's safe to say that vinegar is the best grass stain remover as it is acidic and it has a tendency to break down the stains be it grass stains. 

You can use it for fabric types like cotton, polyester, and other synthetic blends. However, you should avoid treating your delicate and fancy fabrics with vinegar, especially colored ones.  

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With inegar

  • Dilute vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:1 to make sure it won’t damage the fabric.

  • Let your cloth be soaked in the mixture for at least 30 minutes.

  • Rinse the garment with warm water 

  • Add any laundry detergent (eco-friendly) over the stained area directly

  • Choose a brush with soft bristles and scrub it gently over it.

  • Rinse the fabric properly but with cold water this time.

  • You can repeat the process if any stain is still visible on your clothes. 

  • And at last launder your cloth to give it a fresh and clean look. 

Method 3: Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda is another effective grass stain remover for most fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and synthetic blends. As it is basic, it breaks down the grass pigments from the clothes, but treating your delicate or fancy dresses with baking soda is not advisable as it could weaken the fibers of the fabrics. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Baking Soda

  • Dust baking soda over the grass stain and cover the whole stained area. 

  • Choose a brush with soft bristles and gently scrub baking soda over it.

  • Make a solution of a few drops of mild detergent in a bowl of cold water.

  • Rub it gently using a damp cloth dipped in the solution. 

  • Rinse it thoroughly with cold water to remove the residues of baking soda and detergent. 

  • Repeat the process if needed. 

Method 4: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol can only be used against sturdy fabrics that are durable and strong. It can strongly react on fabrics like silk and woolen so it's better to read the care label and read the instructions as it may fade the color of the dress and could damage it. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Rubbing Alcohol

  • Blot the grass stain with a soft cloth in a way that it won’t spread out.

  • Pour rubbing Alcohol on the entire stained area directly.

  • Now blot the grass stain using a soft cloth, but this time with rubbing Alcohol.

  • And let it sit on the surfaces of the stain for a while.

  • Rinse the cloth thoroughly with cold water to remove rubbing Alcohol.

  • Repeat the process if the stain is not gone.

Method 5: Lemon Juice and Salt

Lemon juice is mildly acidic, and acids are the best source of grass stain remover. The mechanism is pretty simple: it adds a charge to a stain’s molecule, which gets attracted to the charges in water molecules. In this way, the stains get loosened. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Lemon Juice and Salt

  • Wet the stain in cold water.

  • Squeeze the drop of lemon juice directly on the stain.

  • Now pour salt over the lemon juice 

  • Rub the cloth gently in such a way that the solution mixes 

  • Squeeze more drops of lemon juice over the stain 

  • Rinse with cold water.

  • Let it dry in sunlight and fresh air, naturally.

  • Once it's dried, rinse it with room temperature water to remove the stiffness caused by lemon juice. 

Method 6: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is actually a bleaching agent, and it tends to fight against bright-colored stains like grass stains. It can degrade the color-causing component of chemical structure so that stains can become faded. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Hydrogen peroxide can react with other grass stain removers like baking soda and dish soap to work effectively.

  • Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda/dish soap (according to the availability) 

  • Apply this mixture to the stained area directly for 30 minutes at least.

  • Scrub the spot gently with your hands

  • And rinse it thoroughly with cool water.

Method 7: Commercial Stain Removers

Like natural stain removers, commercial stain removers have their mechanism. They are often effective in removing stains such as grassy mishaps coffee spills, or other stubborn stains. However, they contain harsh chemicals that may cause complications for the skin and are harmful to the environment. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Stain Removers

  • It is advisable to read the care label before treating your clothes with commercial stain removers.

  • Run a patch test on a small area of your cloth to make sure it does not damage the fabric.

  • Apply the commercial stain remover directly on the targeted area. 

  • Soak it in water for at least 30 minutes.

  • Rinse it with cold water and let it dry completely.

  • Inspect the stain if it's still visible, and don’t use a dryer as the heat coming from it can set the stain on the surfaces. 

Method 8: Enzyme-Based Laundry Detergent

Enzyme-based laundry detergent basically accelerates chemical reactions and helps in the process of breaking down chemicals, especially the pigments of stains. Protease, lipases, and amylase protease are the best examples of enzyme-based detergents, and each of them has specific reactions against stains. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Enzyme-Based Laundry Detergent

  • Apply enzyme detergent directly on the stained area.

  • Rub it gently over it.

  • Wash it in hot water, as treating your clothes with enzyme-based detergent is safe with hot water.

  • You can use bleach for white clothes as well. 

Method 9: Ammonia Solution

Though ammonia is not recommended to remove grass stains if we dilute it with water, then this ammonia solution is safe for your clothes, and you can use it for multipurpose, especially effective when it comes to removing grass stains and grease. 

Step-By-Step Process To Remove Grass Stains With Ammonia Solution

  • Make a solution of ammonia and water to make it dilute for an authentic grass stain removal strategy.

  • Apply it directly on the stain and rub it gently.

  • Now, add a little amount of white vinegar to the targeted area as well.

  • Keep blotting it.

  • Rinse it with room temperature water and let it dry completely.

Method 10: Toothpaste (For White Clothes)

If your white dress has grass stains, then it will become a turn-off moment instantly. To deal with such mishaps, you can use toothpaste, especially for white clothes. It's a natural whitener as it contains silica, baking soda, and calcium phosphate, which helps to react against the stains perfectly. So, if you want to know an authentic strategy for how to remove grass stains, then read below: 

Step-by-step process to remove grass stains with toothpaste

  • Apply toothpaste to the stained area.

  • Rub it gently and rinse with cold water.

  • Repeat the step unless the stain is removed completely.

Opt for Professional Dry Cleaners

Well, getting professional help about how to remove grass stains will work perfectly. It offers high-quality cleaning, and they have expertise to deal with delicate items and heavy materials. Also, this can save you time and energy consumption. 

Considering the above-mentioned services, ByNext will help you how to remove grass stains from your clothes. At ByNext, we are committed to delivering high-quality services and making your life stress-free, be it cleaning or laundry. Our experts can help you to get rid of this issue. 

Additional Tips and Warnings

  • Act quickly - the sooner you address the stain or spot, the more easily the stain will be removed. It’s one of the best grass stain removal tips.

  • Blot - make sure you are blotting the fabric and not rubbing it.

  • Cold water - using cold water could be effective instead of hot water as hot water allows the stains to settle on the surface.

  • Soft toothbrush - using a brush with soft bristles can help to scrub the fabric more efficiently and it won’t damage the cloth.

  • Avoid bleach - bleach can alter the color of your fabric and may damage it as well.

  • Care label - always read the care label and check the instructions if mentioned before treating your clothes with any chemical or detergent.

  • Professional help - seeking a professional dry cleaner would be a better choice as it may give you high-quality results for how to remove grass stains. 


Do grass stains come out easily?

Yes, grass stains can easily be removed if you treat them as quickly as the stain occurs using the right techniques. 

Can I remove grass stains at home?

There are several hacks and grass stain removal home remedies. One of the methods is by making a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, applying it to the stain, and rinsing it after 30 minutes. 

How do I remove grass stains from jeans?

If you want to remove grass stains from jeans then you can use vinegar and baking soda together. Just saturate the jeans in vinegar for 5-10 minutes and then add baking soda on the exact spot and rub it for 2-3 minutes; after leaving it for 30 minutes, rinse it with cold water and voila! 

What is the best way to remove grass stains?

There are many effective methods to remove grass stains, but using vinegar would be the best way. Just soak the cloth in vinegar solution in room temperature water, add any detergent or baking soda over the area, rub it with a soft toothbrush, and rinse it with cold water, then proceed to laundry.


In order to win the battle of how to remove grass stains, you must have to follow the techniques and methods according to the fabrics. By acting quickly against these stains and applying the natural ingredients, you can not only remove these grass stains but also be cost-effective. 

However, it is important to take preventive measures while cleaning your clothes, like checking the instructions and mechanism of certain chemicals against these stains and not doing experiments on your own; instead, approach the professionals and let them do their work on how to remove grass stains.