Where to Find the Best Office Cleaning Service in New York? [24hr Quick Service]

Mar 09, 2024

Where To Find The Best Office Cleaning Service in New York? 24Hr Quick Service

New York, a city that never sleeps, has always been preferred by people pursuing their dream careers. As working life in New York is quite challenging, individuals spend over half of their day at the office, often ending up tired. However, have you ever observed how a clean workplace can impact the overall office environment? The reason is to hire the best office cleaning service in New York.

If you own a business and are in need of an office cleaning service in New York, look no further than ByNext. Our team consists of reliable and vetted cleaners who are ready to keep your office or retail store locations clean. 

Our professional cleaners come equipped with the tools and products necessary to maintain a clean and disinfected office environment, addressing every surface and area that is frequently handled. 

Quick & Effective Office Cleaning Service in New York

ByNext is proud to offer the best commercial cleaning services in New York, providing an exceptional experience through advanced cleaning methods. Our services include vacuuming, dusting, and organization, as well as taking out the trash and disinfecting. 

We also specialize in restroom or washroom cleaning and mopping and sanitizing the floors, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.

We execute our services with speed and efficiency, accommodating your convenience and schedule. In short, there’s no one better than ByNext when it comes to office cleaning services in New York.

Additionally, we provide enticing discounts: 10% off for recurring weekly services, 7.5% off for recurring bi-weekly services, and 5% off for recurring services every four weeks. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Best Office cleaning service in New York  

Importance of Professional Office Cleaning Services

Having a professionally cleaned and organized workplace does have a huge impact on mental health and the office environment as well. It possesses various benefits, such as helping you to focus on business goals while our experts will keep your location clean. 

Let’s assess the importance of getting the best office cleaning service in New York professionally in New York. 

1. Increases Employee Productivity

Statistics show that 94% of the employees reported feeling happy and more productive in a well-organized and clean workplace, and 77% of workers produced good quality work in a cleaner environment. The level of productivity increases significantly due to peace of mind. And peace definitely comes with tidiness and cleanliness of the workspace when you have the top-notch office cleaning service in New York. 

2. Prevents Spreading of Disease & Sick Leaves

One of the main reasons for getting sick and catching viral diseases more frequently could be your untidy or unhygienic workplace, be it your workstation, any retail store, or a commercial building. 

It affects us most surprisingly as we spend most of our time doing work at the office, and we get in touch with germs indirectly throughout the day. But if you have the number one office cleaning service in New York. 

3. Professional Impression

Having a clean and organized office environment plays a very crucial role in building up a professional impression on employees, visitors, or especially business partners/owners. Make sure to consider this factor as it reflects the environment and culture of your office. 

4. Return on Investment

Maintaining a healthy and safe office environment and getting the services done by professionals will not only increase the productivity of the employees but also decrease the number of sick leaves. In this way, your business will be sustainable, and you will get a return on investments. Plus, it will cut down the cleaning costs, so it’s a win-win situation. 

With ByNext, maintain your regular office cleaning in New York and have a significant impact on the entire office environment. 

Type of Office Cleaning Service

Office cleaning service in New York near me service is categorized into three main parts: regular office cleaning (basic and standard maintenance), deep office cleaning (thorough and attention to detail), and move-in and move-out office cleaning (shifting to a new place). ByNext offers all these services according to the preferences and tasks you want. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular office cleaning service in New York involves the basic and standard job to maintain a clean and safe environment and to ensure the health concerns and issues of employees. Services that ByNext provides;

  • Vacuuming floors and carpets 

  • Emptying trash bins

  • Disinfecting surfaces like work station, kitchen, and bathroom countertops 

  • Mopping and dusting office furniture.

  • Mirror cleaning

  • Hygienic kitchen crockery 

NYC Deep cleaning service

Deep office cleaning services are required to be done more thoroughly and in detail. The services ByNext provides;

  • Focusing on the surfaces that are usually hidden or inaccessible.

  • Cleaning the interiors of appliances and machines manually.

  • Dusting and disinfecting the floors, shelves, cupboards, and other furniture of the office.

  • Vacuuming floors and carpets by NYC deep cleaning service.

Move-in/move-out Cleaning

If your office is moving to a new place or your existing place is recently renovated then you need to hire the professional team of ByNext for the cleaning purpose. deep cleaning office services it offers; 

  • Deep cleaning cabinets and drawers

  • Dusting cobwebs and vents

  • Wiping down all the doors and windows

  • Organizing the heavy furniture

  • Dusting baseboards

  • Sanitizing kitchen and bathroom.

  • Repairing the light switches and sockets.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Office Cleaning Service and Office Deep Cleaning Service?

Regular Office Cleaning

Daily basis cleaning falls into the class of regular office cleaning, and it is supposed to be done regularly in any commercial or retail office or building. Some cleaning tasks like sweeping and mopping the floor, clearing the trash, dishwashing, cleaning countertops, washing bathrooms, etc. should be done regularly. 

Deep Office Cleaning

In contrast, deep office cleaning should not be done regularly and is less frequent. It includes wiping off the areas that are neglected or ignored, cleaning the office appliances from both interior and exterior parts, checking up on electric meters and wires, maintaining generators and other motors, and maintaining hygiene. 

Why is ByNext the best office cleaning service in New York?

Choosing a professional office cleaning service in New York near me must be a tricky part, but with ByNext, we commit to providing you with the best office cleaning services near me with quick and effective services. 

It gives you confidence that your office cleaning is in safe hands, whose ultimate goal is to provide you with a healthy and safe environment. However, there are other main factors you should consider by approaching the best office cleaning service in New York near me. 

Like ByNext provides green cleaning services (using environmentally friendly detergents), they are offering flexible timings for your convenience, plus they are cost-effective.  

What is the pricing of ByNext services?

The pricing range of ByNext services in New York for the best office cleaning services near me is quite reasonable as compared to other home cleaning companies. 

  • Regular office cleaning costs NYC starting from $145 

  • Deep office cleaning prices nyc starting from $265 

We also offer 25% discounts for our new customers. Visit our website just by typing cheap office cleaning service in New York, for more information.

How do I pay for my order at ByNext?

There are multiple modes of payment that ByNext accepts, according to your feasibility and access to being the top office cleaning service in New York:

  • American Express 

  • Master card

  • Swipe credit/ visa cards

  • EMV chip cards 

  • Apple Pay

How to Download the ByNext app?

You can download the ByNext free app easily on your mobile (iPhone or Android) by going through the following steps; 

Step 1: By clicking the following links you can download the app on your mobile: 

Step 2: For new users, click Join Now, and if you already have an account click to sign in.

Step 3: Upon signing in you will be moved toward the dashboard where you can select the service you want to get done.

Step 4: Once you select your desired service, add your current location and click done.


Step 5: Add the name of your space/area and select the type of your location after searching for the best office cleaning services near me.


Step 6: Mention the below-required details and click done.

Step 7: Add your “office cleaning service near me” to the cart and click next.


Step 8: Select pickup day and time-based on your availability.


Step 9: Add drop-off day and time based on your availability.


Step 10: Enter your card details, make payment and you are all set to avail the office cleaning service in New York!



Where is the Cheapest office cleaning service in New York?

A cheap office cleaning service near me is hard to find, considering all the factors you may require, therefore, ByNext is the cheapest office cleaning near me available in New York. 

How often should an office be cleaned?

It totally depends on the number of people on staff, type of business and budget. If it’s a medium-sized office with few staff then cleaning should be done once a week at least. If the number of staff is 20 or so then it should be done twice or thrice a week. However, large-scale business or office staff should be done on a daily basis to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. 

How long does it take to clean an office?

Cleaning an office depends upon certain factors like total area, number of team members, methods, and equipment. On average,

General Office Cleaning – one person takes one hour to clean 3000 to 4000 square feet 

Deep Office Cleaning – one person takes one hour to cover 2000 to 2500 square feet. 

Wrap Up!

Office cleaning is way more difficult than home cleaning and it demands professionalism and expertise. Our team of ByNext is skilled and trained to provide you with the best office cleaning services with office cleaning service in New York. 

A healthy office environment promotes wellness, boosts productivity, employees work with more dedication and collaboratively, and impacts overall in the business sector all because of affordable office cleaning services in New York. 

‘’A clean workplace leads to a clear vision’’