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Jun 06, 2024

How To Avoid Clothes From Shrinking

Shrinking clothes is a common issue people face, and seeing their precious fabric in such a state is more difficult to handle. It makes people think ‘how to avoid clothes from shrinking.’ What laundry detergent and water temperature should be ideal to prevent such an outcome? They should look for an expert laundry service provider like ByNext to avoid the hurdles.

Our team has experience and knowledge about fabrics and the washing procedure followed to prevent clothes from shrinking. The result will satisfy you that your clothes are cleaned without shrinking.

Here are some points to help you understand how to stop clothes from shrinking in the washer.

Understanding Why Clothes Shrink

A major cause of clothes shrinking is high water temperature and surrounding moisture. Fabrics like cotton, wool, and polyester get shrunken when exposed to extreme sunlight. Using dryers with high heat can shrink your outfits as well. So, for the question, ‘how to avoid clothes from shrinking’, you must remember the causes mentioned above.

When the sunlight contacts your clothes, it tightens the fibers underneath, causing your clothes to shrink. So, it’s better to avoid the high heat to contact your clothes and follow instructions mentioned on the clothing label.

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Tips To Prevent Shrinking Before Washing

You can save your clothes from damage and wear them for as much time as you want. Here are some tips that might be useful for you.

Checking Fabric Care Labels

The first thing you must do before washing your clothes is to check the instructions mentioned on the labels of your outfits. It guides you about the right laundry detergent, washing cycle, and the water temperature. It prevents your clothes from getting shortened.

When drying your clothes, the instructions on the clothing label help people prevent shrinking, avoid direct sunlight, and use dryers with the correct temperature.

Sorting Clothes by Fabric Type and Color

Sorting your clothes by fabric type and color is another way to protect your clothes from shrinking. When you wash clothes of the same fabric and color, the chances of shrinking are reduced because the detergent and washing cycle are according to the instructions.

Your clothes won’t sustain damage upon releasing color because of the same type. So, whenever you think about ‘how to stop clothes from shrinking in the tumble dryer,’ this is a useful tip to follow.

Best Washing Practices to Prevent Shrinking

People often ask ‘why are my clothes shrinking in washing machine?’ It could be because of an incorrect water temperature or the washing cycle. Here’s how you can practice to protect your clothes from shrinking every time you wash them.

Selecting the Right Water Temperature

Washing clothes in hot water is one of the reasons for shrinking, as it affects the durability of the fibers underneath. Instead you can use cold water for washing fabrics like cotton and silk.

Cold water won’t damage the fibers of your clothes and removes all the stains and odors inside out. So, using cold water is one of the answers to ‘how to avoid clothes from shrinking’.

Choosing The Correct Wash Cycle

The washing cycle of the washing machine plays an important role for how to avoid clothes from shrinking. The reason is that the fabrics require a delicate touch while washing, which means the washing cycle of the washing machine should be fragile.

A gentle washing cycle minimizes the impact of stretching and the flow of water going through the fibers. This way, your clothes won’t get shortened, and you can wear them as much as you want.  

Drying Techniques That Reduce Shrinkage

Now that you’ve understood the washing procedure for 'how to avoid clothes from shrinking, drying techniques are also important. The points mentioned below will help you prevent clothes from shrinking:

Benefits of Air Drying

You’ll find people looking for answers to ‘why are my clothes shrinking in cold water.’ Well, using cold water is correct; the problem is the drying process. Instead of using machines to dry your clothes, you can air dry them as it’ll give you benefits like the ones highlighted below:

  • Air-drying clothes have a gentle effect on your clothes without harming the fibers underneath.

  • The structure of your outfits would be the same as before when air drying them instead of machine drying.

  • Tumble drying increases the risk of wear and tear of clothes but if you air dry them, then your outfits would be safe.

  • The colors of your clothes will be safe when you air dry them, as the heat of the drying machine can cause them to fade away.

  • Air drying is suitable for all fabrics, especially delicate ones, as it won’t shrink your outfits.

Keep in mind that whenever you think ‘what causes clothes to shrink in the dryer,’ switch your style by starting to air dry your clothes.

Using Low Heat Settings on Dryers

Even if you’re using dryers for your clothes, check the temperature first and choose low heat settings. The higher the temperature, the higher the chances of your clothes shrinking. Less heat going deep within the fibers will remove the water without causing damage.

The impact of low heat while using a dryer helps in maintaining the outer structure of your outfits and color fading. Furthermore, the wrinkles from your clothes after the wash would be removed. Not just the prevention of shrinking, the low heat temperature will offer you other benefits like the ones discussed above.

When To Use Professional Dry Cleaning Services

The correct time to contact a professional dry cleaner is when you’re short of materials or your washing machine is out of order. The other reason could be the constant shrinking of clothes. So, here are some answers to your question, ‘how to unshrink clothes’ with the assistance of experts.

Identifying Clothes That Need Professional Care

There are many scenarios where you’ll find that your clothes are shrinking and the color is fading away, especially when you find moments before wearing them for a business meeting. 

It can cause a change in plans. To avoid clothes from shrinking, you can hire professionals. The experts follow the correct way of washing clothes like the laundry detergent, the right washing cycle, and the drying process to prevent shrinking. 

ByNext’s Specialty Services

When it comes to getting your clothes washed while avoiding shrinking, then ByNext is the one you should opt for. That’s because our experienced individuals know every trick and technique that’ll minimize the shrinkage of your clothes.

Our techniques include modern-day laundry detergents, washing machines with delicate cycles, and effective drying techniques. It’ll not only protect your clothes from shrinking but from fading as well.

FAQs - How To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking

How to do laundry without shrinking your clothes?

Doing laundry without shrinking clothes is easy. You just need to check some important things like the instructions mentioned on the clothing label, using cold water, setting your washing machine on a gentle cycle, and air drying your clothes instead of machine drying.

What temperature should I dry my clothes so they don't shrink?

High heat temperature always results in shrinking the clothes. So, whenever you’re machine drying your clothes, then select the low heat settings to minimize the effect on the fibers.

Does hand washing clothes prevent shrinking?

Hand washing clothes is another effective way to avoid the shrinkage of clothes. Delicate fabrics like silk and wool must be washed with cold or lukewarm water to prevent any type of damage and to prevent clothes from shrinking.

Why do my clothes shrink even in cold water?

There are still multiple reasons for clothes shrinking even after using cold water. The washing cycle of the washing machine and the temperature can cause such an effect. So, it’s better to lower the temperature and set the gentle washing cycle for how to avoid clothes from shrinking.

How to unshrink clothes after dryer?

If you find your clothes are shortened after the wash, then you can fix it by following the correct method: fill a tub with lukewarm water and add baby shampoo to it. Mix it well and then put your clothes in the tub and leave it for 30 minutes. Now, stretch your clothes gently from the affected area, then simply dry your clothes.

Wrap Up!

How to avoid clothes from shrinking is a question people want to know. The reason is that most people don’t follow the right instructions and end up damaging their outfits. Clothes shrinking is one of them.

You can tweak your washing procedure by opting for cold water and choosing a gentle washing cycle. This can help you answer the question, ‘how to avoid clothes from shrinking?’ Don’t forget to set the ideal heat temperature while drying, as it also affects the size of your clothes.

When out of sorts, then contact ByNext and hire our premium quality washing service. You can say goodbye to shrinking clothes.